Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I spent the day with Cal's first grade class at the Mercer Slough. The kids were greatly enthusiastic about all of it, most especially each and every slug we encountered while hiking around the slough. For the first time, I saw the respiratory opening of a slug, called a pneumostome. I discovered that skunk cabbage truly has a skunky smell. We brought a jar of pond water into a classroom, with the task of finding and identifying some of the wetland wonders. The kids were totally fascinated by what they found.

Tomorrow morning, Alexi and I will be helping the fourth graders dissect cow eyes. The learning around here never ends.

Happy Wednesday.


beth lehman said...

how fabulous! i love watching kids absorb the world around us... sounds like some incredible learning experiences for your kids.

Kamana said...

dissect cow eyes... ewww... but in a fascinating kind of way :)

Atsuko said...

How amazing learning experience children are having! I am so impressed with education programs. Which school is providing this unforgettable lesson, public or private?

Lecia said...

Thanks, Beth. And Kamana, I'm with you. :)

Atsuko: thank you. My kids do attend a private school, but the educational programs at the Mercer Slough are run by the Pacific Science Center, and both public and private school groups visit and benefit from their programs.

KPiep said...

That sounds like so much fun!