Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday evening

Book launch party for my friend Leora.

Each day of my weekend contained an expression of love from a community toward one of its members. One planned, one spontaneous; equally heartfelt.

I live in a city. My life is at times isolated. I suspect part of me is just fine with that, or I’d be elsewhere. Wouldn’t I? Other times, the world I exist in is disconcertingly small. I experience loneliness and a craving for anonymity in equal measure. Twice this weekend I was in a circumstance in which the smallness of this city was juxtaposed against its vastness. Ultimately I’m left with the reminder that we're all in it together.


Jess said...

I am often caught in that same feeling of longing for anonymity while lonely. I haven;t been able to find a way out of that...
I love your photos today.

noreen said...

your life may be isolated, but you share its beauty here, on your blog. your photography is really lovely. and we certainly are all in this together. let's enjoy!

emily said...

i often feel the same way here, that pull between the anonymity and the community. and i guess it's a gift that we have the choices we have?

Lecia said...

Jess: I think it's a really hard balance, and my struggle with it waxes and wanes. Thanks about the photos.

Noreen: thank you.

Emily: a gift, indeed.

KPiep said...

Our city feels so in between that I often wish we were either in a city proper or on that farm I want so bad.

Lovely post. I have felt the same things.