Monday, June 18, 2012


Abbott, last summer, on the swing at Alexi's childhood home.

Over the weekend another family dropped by, and we spent the better part of an afternoon on the beach walking (some of us running), overturning rocks, looking in tidepools and watching the geoducks squirt. The last leg of the way home, each of the dads had a boy on his shoulders. As I watched the two men sherpa their boys up the hill, I thought to myself that the scene in front of me sums up why we celebrate Father's Day.

We're all healthy, at last - thank you for your well wishes. Today was spent catching up after after a week of lost time. At Costco this morning I had the boys in tow for the first time in many months, and was talked into buying a book entitled, "1,000,000 Years of Weapons". Summer's here.

Happy Monday.


pve design said...

I know that I may not always leave a comment but I must tell you how much I love your thankful heart.
You always make my heart feel the love of life, of children, of simple things.

Lecia said...

Thank you so much, Patricia. I appreciate your taking the time to say so.