Wednesday, June 6, 2012



Cal tells me he wants a dog for his birthday. He's been spending his free time doing image searches on the ipad, investigating different breeds of dogs. I don't know if I'm on board with the idea, yet. If I'll ever be. We'll see.

This morning I awoke to find Abbott in bed next to me, and as I watched him sleep I thought of The Daddy Book ('All daddies like to watch you sleep', or something to that effect). We love the book; it would make a great Father's Day gift for a father-to-be.

Speaking of Father's Day, I ordered The Splendid Table's Summertime Grilling Guide for Alexi; proceeds support Public Radio.

Happy Wednesday to you.


emily said...

i cannot recommend our breed (or our breeder) highly enough. absolutely no shed. smart, friendly, sweet, delicious in every way.

also, i take it alexi doesn't read your blog? dave doesn't (didn't?) read mine.

Lecia said...

Thanks so much, Emily. And - he does read it :) - I'd love to see Public Radio get lots of support so I'm happy to promote them at the expense of the surprise...

Sammi said...

i have a dog, he is six (yikes) this year!! he is beautiful and i love him and he is a great pet. it is so rewarding having a dog


with dogs, you have to remember to feed them, and walk them (even in the rain, but not my dog, he has a fear of water- thank God), and pick their poo up and find someone who doesn't mind looking after them when you're away, or find someone the dog doesn't mind being looked after by (the latter is harder).

perhaps you could dog sit for a neighbour for a weekend or something so he realises how much hard work it is.

or start small. with a hamster or a rabbit or guinea pig?