Wednesday, July 25, 2012

a little ways away

This morning the boys and I took a ferry to San Juan Island. We're staying with a friend and her two boys at their cabin. Our husbands will be joining us on Friday, and we'll stick around through the weekend. We love it here.

Have a good one.


Boo's Mom said...

Sigh! Last year this weekend, my husband and I and two friends flew to Seattle and then ferried to San Juan Island. We so enjoyed the next week exploring the islands. Your post brought back good memories.

molly said...

Enjoy your San Juan stay, small group and large. I hear it is splendid (never been; must go!)

Deborah Dombrowski said...

Hi Leica--I really enjoy looking at your blog, and watching the days unfold. I especially love the photo on the ferry as I know that ride and it's so sweet.( I live in Portland but have an old friend in Seattle, so we get there a few times a year.) I have a photo blog too--that is mostly just pictures--very little story...perhaps you will check it out?
Savor your vacation!