Friday, July 6, 2012

a June wedding

As I've mentioned before, the wife of a colleague of Alexi's who came to our wedding said to me, at our reception, "I try to attend a wedding every year." The elements of a wedding celebration sustain us, long into the future.

Have an inspiring weekend.


Francesca said...

I hope you were the "official" photographer there: there couldn't be more beautiful and dreamy wedding photos!

pve design said...

your photographs excite me - I can feel the love, the joy and it feels like a welcome kiss.....
just stunning.
weddings do inspire.

Diane said...

So beautifully photographed and lovely thoughts on what makes a wedding so special. I have the joy of attending two fall weddings of children of very dear friends. They will be special occasions.

Francisca Mattéoli said...

Lovely and touching.
I found your blog today and it's a beautiful surprise.

A big Bonjour from a Chilean travel writer in Paris.

Francisca Mattéoli

chai ling said...

gorgeous bride she is.

Lecia said...

Thank you so much!

Francesca: I wasn't the official photographer...I was asked to do it but declined - too much pressure! I wanted to enjoy it all.