Tuesday, July 31, 2012

the agenda

Tomorrow, he'll be ten.

He started thinking about and planning how he wanted the day to go weeks ago; not making grand plans, rather, the ordinary, small pockets of happiness that add up to the best kind of day.

The agenda below is the first of several drafts he made. We're now going to a Mariners game instead of watching a movie at home, which seems fitting. Alexi and I walked from our First Hill apartment to Safeco Field and back - probably 10 miles round trip - a couple of nights before he was born, in an effort to move things along.

We'll be having banana splits - with ten toppings - instead of cake, and we're having them midafternoon, just before we head to the ball park.

It will be wonderful, and all him, and we'll savor it all.


Eve said...

I love your blog ,your photos , and the serenity.
My son will be ten on friday, and his list of thigs-to-do is ready too.(I made a photo, like you )
We love zucchini with olive oil and lemon, but I think we'll taste your recipe this week end !

janis said...

aw! his list is so sweet! "almost no complains about bedtime routine" haha! happy birthday abbott!

emily said...

love. and happiness. to all of you. xo.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

6:00 AM is such a sweet way to want to start a birthday. And I quite like the use of 'almost' in 9:00 PM.

Francesca said...

Happy birthday to Abbott, and have a great day!

Emma said...

Happy birthday To Abbott :)

p.s. banana splits > cake any day of the week!

Cannelle Et Vanille said...

I love this so so much... and I hope it was all he wished for. happy birthday!

country girl said...

I can't believe how wonderful your son is!!!
This list is such a great example of that.
Happy Birthday Abbott!
And happy 'became a mother' day to you, Lecia!
Love, Dawn

Sammi said...

my favourite thing on his birthday agenda is that he has scheduled time in to get bored!! brilliant :) X

KPiep said...

Once again, our kids have a lot I common! Gillian is a planner, too.