Friday, August 31, 2012

at the farm

The last time we were in New Hampshire, Abbott was three and Cal was one. We used to go east every year or so to visit Alexi’s grandparents; his grandfather in New Hampshire, his grandmother in Maine. The whole week would be a blur of driving from place to place, catching up, trying to hang on to the fleeting minutes together. We haven’t been back to those parts of New England since his grandparents passed away. Earlier this year, Alexi’s mother retired. She’s been on the farm in New Hampshire, where her father lived, since her retirement, so we spent part of our summer vacation with her. Seeing the warning signs - ‘Thickly Settled,' 'Moose Crossing’ - and the covered bridges took me back to earlier times on those same roads. I miss my boys' baby selves that accompanied us on those final visits with their great-grandparents. I miss the grandparents.


KPiep said...

Farms are just the best place for children!

likeschocolate said...

What sweet memories! I spent last weekend on Bainbridge on a farm. It was just what my soul ordered.

Anonymous said...

Lovely...happy to have discovered you blog.
-Ungrateful Bliss

Anonymous said...

It sounds and looks like the part of N.H. where I grew up--northern N.H., Grafton County, near the Vermont border. My family and I visit my parents there every year.

country girl said...

Beautiful and bitter-sweet.

molly said...

Like time machines, some of these repeat visits, aren't they?

So different. So similar. So worth it.

Welcome home.