Sunday, September 9, 2012


When I was a kid, I used to search the racks with the personalized key chains and pencils at the Woolworths and such. Not surprisingly, I never found anything with Lecia on it, but I never stopped looking. Now, it’s as easy as a click and a few dollars to personalize almost anything, and the significance is definitely lost on my kids. I’m sure I was far more excited than Abbott was to find, and eat at, Abbott’s Lobster a couple of weeks ago in Connecticut. We all did love the food and the location.


Conny said...

I totally "get it" about the personalized key chains. Glad you shared that thought - it brought back such memories! Thanks.

country girl said...

Yeah, I never found 'Dawn' either. :)
These pictures have such a summer-in-new-england feel. And I love that last one!

Merrymom said...

We live in surprised when I opened my email and saw Abbott's and the photos you posted. I
haven't been to Abbott's in a is a great place..great photos too!

KPiep said...

I feel your pain! I found lots of Kristen's as a child, but never a Kristin.

Annie said...

Wonderful photos. Abbott's was recently written up in the NYTimes. We need to plan on going the next time we drive from Boston to CT.