Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Full Circle Farm

I spent today accompanying Cal’s second grade class on their first field trip of the year. I drove with him and three of his classmates the 45 or so minutes out of the city to Full Circle Farm, owned and operated by the family of one of Cal’s classmates and good friends. The entirety of the trip, both directions, the kids exchanged jokes that ranged from the known to the made up.

 “Why does Santa Claus have three gardens? So he can hoe-hoe-hoe…”
“Why do sheep cross the road? To get to the baa-baa shop…”
“Why did the cow cross the road? To get to the moo-vies…”

We’ve been looking forward to the visit for days. Cal has repeatedly asked if his friend would be coming along, too, given that he already knows all about it. “Yes, I think he’ll be excited to show the farm to his friends,” I’ve told him.

The organic farm encompasses more than 400 acres, growing over 150 varieties of over 50 different crops. The only animals on the farm are the elk, deer, coyote and bear that stop by, and Ella, the family’s dog. Andy is sturdy, good-natured, energetic, and handsome in a Midwestern way. Wendy is bright, passionate, and lanky, with a smile that lights up a room. The vegetables that come out of their farm are unbelievably delicious, particularly those we picked, and ate, today.

The second graders host a market for the school, modeled after the Pike Place Market. The visit was part of their preparation for it. The kids were taken to the fields riding in a wagon pulled by a tractor, and were invited to fill a bag with as much produce as they were interested in picking. They smelled the fennel; they tasted the beet greens, the celeriac. It was obvious many of them had no idea, before today, that carrots grew in the ground. One boy was able to identify a turnip before I was. Seeing them in and among the forest of kale will stick in my mind for some time to come.


Tammie said...

love these pictures. what is it about a farm that makes it so stinkin' photogenic?

Erin {pughs' news} said...

What a marvellous place for a field trip. Your photos are beautiful.

I've booked our first field trip of the year for my first graders... We're going to the farm, too, but it's not for a few more weeks, so the pumpkins will be ready for picking!

Darcy said...

your pictures just get more and more incredible, these are better than anything you'd find in a magazine. just amazing really.

janet clare said...

beautiful photos from a wonderful day out by the looks of things!

country girl said...

Simply gorgeous photos, and such a beautiful subject.

Lecia said...

Thank you so much, friends. xo

KPiep said...

I really wish more children had opportunities like this!