Saturday, October 18, 2014

hope so

I practiced English with a biologist from Korea early in the week. I learned that before our ESL class, while I made oatmeal and drove to and from school, he planted garlic (Me: “When will you be able to harvest it?” Him: “109 bulbs.” Me: “Um, when will it be ready to dig up?” Him: Polite smile, silence). I really wanted to know his take on the Ebola virus disease and the gene repair tool in the news, but I was pretty sure those topics were beyond the scope of our conversational abilities. I remain excited about the possibility of fresh garlic at some point in my future.


Anonymous said...

Love your pictures, recipes, and sense your of humor.

I tried the tomato biscuits and rice pudding--super yummy. This is coming from a not-so-good cook. Thanks

Lecia Phinney said...

Anonymous: thank you! You've made my day. xo