Saturday, December 6, 2014

December 6

I just got a new phone. I don’t care about technology for its own sake and I’m not curious about upgrades and new features, but my battery stopped holding its charge. I read all the time on my phone; I always seem to be waiting for something to start or end and my water bottle, wallet, keys and phone are all I can reliably manage to bring with me. I bought one with a bigger screen to improve my reading experience. I love it.

Yesterday evening I dropped Abbott off to dance the night away, or at least a couple of hours of it, and then parked in the alley behind the school to wait for him. It was surprisingly joyous absorbing what made its way through the walls: kids loudly singing along to one song after another; a raucous, giddy chorus. I felt an overwhelming sense of well-being as I settled in with my phone and a few of Molly's recommendations. It felt like Christmas. Alexi and I happened to live in that same neighborhood over a decade ago, and as I caught fleeting glimpses of sparkle and glamour in the shivering passersby in holiday attire I recognized my life of more than a decade ago, but I didn’t miss it.

I set an alarm using my new device and chose a new-to-me ringtone, By the Seaside. I woke with the feeling that today had a carnival air to it, and it lingered all day long.


To The River said...

I really like ur sense for an everyday. English is not my native language and I m sorry if I am not gonna write everything perfectly, but I appreciate ur humble, down to earth, but still truly life glorifying tone I find while reading the posts u wrote. With no rush, just with a deep appreciation of life. In its tiniest manifestations.

Lecia Phinney said...

To The River: thank you! xo

house on hill road said...

i just got a new phone, too. my motivation was for the camera. my other one had broken so i was happy for the trade up.
hope you are enjoying the holidays, lecia.

Lecia Phinney said...

Erin: I haven't yet investigated the camera function, but I hear it's a nice one on this device. xo