Tuesday, January 6, 2015


For years, we were housebound for large portions of every day due to naps and early bedtimes. Now it’s the grandparents who nap. I can’t remember when bedtimes became more fluid, but the boys could certainly outlast us in the evening if we were to let them.

We spent the weekend in Canada. It has become noticeably easy to travel as a family: the boys pack and unpack themselves. I can let them sleep until the last minute. They get right up and get their teeth brushed, and then while I blowdry my hair, Cal will put out extra food and water for the cats while Abbott carries our luggage to the front door.

They’re independent while also more overtly interested in whatever I’m doing or talking about than ever before, reading over my shoulder, interjecting questions and commentary to every conversation.

Abbott’s favorite Christmas gift was a t-shirt I got him:


He loves that thing and would wear it nonstop if I didn’t hide it in the washing machine from time to time. I think he’s proud of the recognition. Its what we all crave, I suppose. To be known – truly seen – by those we love.


house on hill road said...

Ah, I know two girls that would love that shirt, too. Happy New Year, Lecia.

Lecia Phinney said...

Happy New Year, Erin! xo

Anonymous said...

Oh my--- that is my little guy to a t! Maybe for his b-day- an idea:).

emily said...

perfect t-shirt! and i always always love to read your stories, lecia. xo.

Lecia Phinney said...

Emily: xo!