Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!

Friends, I hope your holiday season was all you wished it would be.

Thanks to a tip from my friend Erin I put together this video for you, containing my 2016 Instagram photos. These small moments of grace and love and beauty are my ballast. They always exist alongside dislocation and stress and are independent of what is happening at a national or global level.

I'm ready for the privilege and the challenge of this next year.

Happy New Year, everyone!



Anne said...

Happy New Year Lecia and family!

Karen F. said...

Happy New Year!

house on hill road said...

Happy New Year, Lecia! I'm so glad you did the video, too. I'm going to use it to record our days this year in addition to my gratitude posts. xoxox

Pam said...

I so enjoyed this, Lecia! Thank you for sharing. I am hopeful that you will appear more in this space in 2017--always uplifting!

Lecia Phinney said...

Anne, Karen: Thank you!

Erin: xoxo!

Pam: Thanks for saying so! I'm hopeful, too. xx