About Me/FAQ

Hello! I'm Lecia Phinney, and this is my blog.

I was born in Texas, but I did most of my growing up in Alaska. I went to college in New York City, and I now live at the water's edge in Seattle with my husband, two boys, two cats, and a Corgi named Nelly. I can usually be found lagging behind the crowd with my camera. Peanut butter is my favorite food. Other favorites of mine include singing along, sleeping with the windows open, and yellow dresses.

I started this blog in 2008, after having a series of risk-reducing, preventive surgeries for a BRCA1 gene mutation. I needed something to get me out of my worried, preoccupied state. A new hobby or project. Over time, storytelling about my family and domesticity, through images and words, helped me really see my life and live in it more fully, and believe in it once again. It helped me let go of my identity as a patient. This blog became a collection of stories celebrating home life.

I'm currently working on a memoir interwoven with science, depicting the realities of living with a BRCA1 gene mutation. My book, Inheritance, will be published in 2017.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to stop by!


Can I email you?
Please feel free to contact me at leciawphinney [at] gmail [dot] com.

Do you accept advertising? 
Thank you for asking, but no. (I do participate in the Amazon Associates program.)

Can I send you a free product to review?
I don’t do product reviews. On occasion, I will mention great books I've come across.

What camera(s) do you use?
Canon 1D Mark IIN and Canon 5D Mark II. I sometimes also post iPhone shots.

What about the lens(es)?
Canon 24-105, 16-35L II, 70-200/2.8 IS, 35L, 85L I, 135L.

Can I use one of your photos?
Please ask first! The entire contents of this site, photos and text, are protected by copyright. Please do not use anything without my permission.

I'm new to blogging/I'm thinking of starting a blog. How can I get started?
Blog about what you love. If you do, whatever it is, that passion will shine through. You will enjoy doing it, and others will respond to it.

This is a great post that just about covers it all. It is entitled food blogging, but is applicable to blogging in general.

I'm coming to Seattle...what are your recommendations?

FOOD - a few favorites: SpinasseThe Whale Wins, Vif, Din Tai FungSitka & SpruceBar Sajor, Bakery NouveauGreen Leaf,  Delancey, The Wandering GooseCanlis.

SITES and ACTIVITIES: Pike Place Market, Ballard Farmers MarketOlympic Sculpture Park, Elliott Bay Book CompanyTotokaeloDiscovery Park, the Ballard Locks, Alki Beach, Center for Wooden BoatsVolunteer Park, riding any of the Washington State Ferries, visiting any of the islands in the Puget Sound area.